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Locksmiths Job Management Software

Tryoup's job management and dispatching software increases your teams' productivity and helps you analyze your business performance. Start your free 30-day trial now!

Locksmiths rely heavily on an automated streamline - let's see how Tryoup can help with that;

Unlock powerful benefits by simply connecting your call centre to our software.

Integrating your telephone system with our locksmith software not only allows you to keep a full record of your customer history, but you can cut processes and costs and listen back to call recordings to resolve disputes quickly. It's our competitive advantage over the rest! As a locksmith who offers emergency services, you will benefit from scheduling and allocating a job to an engineer on the spot based on the GEO location and availability of workers, resulting in a quick and efficient customer response time.

Track your sales performance to optimize ROI like no other software

Tryoup connects marketing, job management and billing into one platform like no-other software. By doing so, we can output the most accurate ROI reports that help you make your most important business decisions. Track online and offline advertising campaigns across multiple websites and Google Ads campaigns.

Wouldn’t it be handy to know how your leads found you?

As a locksmith, you know how high CPA rates can be in paid advertising, and so constant monitoring of your campaigns is crucial. Our locksmith software has integrated call tracking and performance reports that identify exactly where your leads came from, helping you to instantly see which campaigns are working best and which ones need work. After all, how are you supposed to make decisions about your business without an accurate overview of your sales process?

Furthermore, our innovative technology will allow you to identify valuable information about leads and simplify the process of monitoring your business’s overall performance. Truly discover the value of your locksmith or maintenance company with scheduling software.

Tryoup is a powerful schedule management tool for field service businesses. When you own a locksmith business, it is important that you keep track of your employees and the jobs they are currently doing. So, an organizational system that is accessible by all is an ideal solution to increase efficiency. Tryoup’s innovative locksmith software can be used across your employee’s devices. Giving you real time updates on income, job status and employee location as they work.

GPS tracking

Always know who is available, where and when with real-time GPS tracking. Dispatchers can easily assign tasks to members of the team who are closest to a job with effective GPS tracking. This ensures jobs are assigned efficiently and more tasks are completed in a day.

Real-time appointments

See team members’ current location on a map and their estimated time for arrival on site. With our job scheduling and dispatching software, you can automatically inform your customer about quotes and appointments to make sure they’re kept informed.

Efficient Communication

We know how important communication is to a successful business. Our locksmith software offers three different channels, SMS, email and internal chat maximizes workforce efficiency with 100 percent accuracy. You’ll be able to find the best way to speak to your staff and clients. If you would like to request a demo of Tryoup’s innovative scheduling and dispatching software, or if you have any questions or queries, then get in touch today. You can call us on 020 3021 3417 or contact us online and we will get back to you.

Manage your team efficiently while expediting your response time. Tryoup job management tools offer a variety of options for field service businesses to manage their day-to-day operations.

Modern dashboard

Filter data and see jobs in a timeline or list view. Easily drag and drop locksmith jobs in the timeline to change slot time. Automatically update your customer by text message or email. See recent activity on a job and efficiently set follow-ups.

Geolocation of locksmith

Which locksmith is available and where are they? Select fieldworkers based on their geolocation, distance from a job, expertise, and availability. Hire subcontractors and create various profit schemes for each user. You can also receive jobs from your affiliates directly via API.

Locksmith fieldworker mobile app

Equip your team with an intuitive mobile app to support workflow that allows departments to easily communicate. Generate and send invoices automatically and update job information, including photos from the site. The app allows you to track an employee’s time and materials, settle payments and monitor profits.

Customer notifications

With Tryoup your customers are kept up to date on all critical issues regarding the project. With our auto and manual notification system you can ensure that all clients are always informed throughout.

Internal chat

You can easily chat with members of your team through the app to make sure everyone understands their role for that day. Instant messaging from the office to the field reduces unnecessary waiting periods helping the task to be completed as quickly as possible.

Automated SMS reminders

Set automated SMS updates for clients and staff to remind them about upcoming projects, important meetings, and appointments with clients.

Track inbound leads and calls from multiple telephone numbers, websites and landing pages with our call tracking software. Understand your customer’s journey from social media, through organic search or digital discovery.

Advanced call tracking

Track any incoming calls from online and offline advertising campaigns and discover which marketing campaigns are generating business while accurately measuring return on investment. Track multiple websites and integrate directly with a Google Ads account.

Google Analytics integration

Get clear insights into your marketing spending and ROI at a glance by integrating Google Analytics with your system. Track the performance of your locksmith business and tweak strategies where necessary to ensure your field service business is successful.

Dynamic numbers

Use dynamic numbers and local number targeting on your ads with our system. Using Tryoup’s locksmith software you can purchase as many dynamic numbers as necessary to track calls from different campaigns running in different regions.

The Tryoup platform gives you the tools to manage, expand, validate, and scale your locksmith business through performance. Tryoup’s powerful performance reports can boost your company’s objectives and ROI by profiling your company’s most profitable jobs and best performers.

Track sales performance
with accurate monitoring tools

Track the performance of your sales agents and see how well and fast they respond to customers. You can easily identify which job is converting the most, and view the sales agent's conversion rates by categories. This allows you to set realistic sales targets. It’s easy to make comparisons with our locksmith software, whether you want to compare different periods to see your progression or compare your team members to identify your top performers, it’s simple. You can identify the areas which need improving on and correct them to ensure your sales team is successful.

Call center management

Effectively track the calls coming through your call center and don’t miss out on valuable opportunities. Monitor the conversion rate through calls and identify how many calls are missed. Listen back to audio recordings of calls to effectively train staff. You will be able to see exactly how many calls were answered, by who and an overall conversion rate for each dispatcher.

Identify your upsell opportunities
with our locksmith software

Monitor projects and track them to see if there are upselling opportunities available. Set reminders so that clients are approached in the future to discuss potential work. Track the sales performance of team members who are required to upsell clients.

However well you know your locksmith business, ROI depends on your ability to convert leads into invoices. Tryoup is designed to help you convert leads, track sales and manage inbound calls. Our locksmith software is built to power your growth in a competitive and rapidly changing digital landscape. Field service companies that automate their lead management & tracking see a 10% or more increase in revenue within 6-9 months. (Source: Hub Spot)

Lead tracking & source identification

Our locksmith lead management software allows you to store the progress of a lead, automatically identify its source and how warm/cold it currently is (how likely the lead will convert). This makes it easy for multiple people to work on leads and allows you to easily process leads as they come in.

Easily prepare quotes and estimations

Easily prepare quotes and estimations for leads as they come in with our locksmith software. Set appointments for estimations, upload documents, add specific parts and products from the system to quotes and set follow-up reminders. You can include important business data in proposals to help sell your business to prospective clients.

Sales management

Assign sales personnel by department and expertise to give proposals the best chance of success. Our system has call tracking incorporated so you can listen in to calls and catch up with the latest updates of that lead. You can organize leads by how active they are and follow up accordingly. Give your field service business the best lead management tools to improve sales with our system.

Tryoup delivers business automation and data crunching to expedite your most important business decisions. Our locksmith software tracks all marketing channels and analyses business digital behavior through end-to-end campaign management and accurate job costing analysis.


Track inbound leads and calls from multiple telephone numbers, websites, and landing pages. Understand your customer journey from social media, through organic search and digital marketing. Never underestimate the value of print and outdoor advertising. We can track offline marketing activity and initiatives.


Slice and dice your locksmith company data and present it in smartly selected widgets and graphic visuals. Present real-time business analysis and value instantly. Accurately measure marketing spend, sales agents’ performance and provide your business with the opportunity to make the most return on investment.


Engage with confidence. Our fast and accurate performance reports use digital mediums such as Google Ads, organic search and offline campaign data. Helping you make the right decisions for each campaign. The campaign management software allows you to integrate with multiple Google Ads accounts and as many websites as necessary.

  • Tryoup have been able to capture our unique business information and provide insight into the profitability of our jobs. It is an end to end solution built on a resilient platform. We deployed this application as a cornerstone of our business operation.

    Karl Boothe
    Sales Manager @ All Service 4 U

Evolve your organization with Tryoup’s locksmith software

Streamline your business data from anywhere. You and your staff can take calls, allocate jobs and analyze business performance no matter where you are with Tryoup's innovative locksmith software. If you're willing, you can have more insight into your business than ever, boost productivity, become paperless and have speedy customer service. Arrange a demo with us to find out more about how we can help your field service business.



Is Tryoup good for my business?

Tryoup is a good fit for you if:

  1. Your company is serving at the customer's site
  2. Fieldworkers are spread in different geo locations and being dispatched.
  3. Your company is advertising online (PPC, organic, social, etc).
  4. Your company has a call center.
  5. You would like to increase the performance of your business.
Why do I need a scheduling software specifically for my industry?

We have designed the software specifically around the needs of field service businesses. Tryoup solution is designed around a specific problem that most field service businesses are facing - high cost of advertising and problems identifying source of leads as well as seeing the complete picture about ROI. That's why we offer the track, monitor and optimize solution.

What if I'm having trouble adjusting to the software?

We have made our software to be extremely user friendly, but if in any case you run into any trouble, we have a support team ready to help you via:

  • Live Chat.
  • Demo! You can always request a demo.
  • Guides and ‘how to do’ videos.
  • Email.
  • Proactively contact you to help you optimize your business (tip and advice).
What if I have a locksmith technician who isn’t comfortable using technology?

You’d be surprised how much you learn in a little time training; our locksmith software is very easy to work with. We provide you with all the information you need to know in the demo, and always post new guides and ‘how to’ videos.

What integrations does Tryoup have for my locksmith business?
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • SMS messaging
  • QuickBooks
  • Maps and Geo
  • Telephone system (PBX)
Does your locksmith software have a mobile app?

Yes. Technicians can easily send live updates to dispatchers whilst at a job through our mobile app.

Why do I need call tracking?

Call tracking is important because:

  • High CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) for pay per click with field service businesses.
  • Multiple advertising channels (Organic search, maps, social media etc.)
  • Be able to identify what type of advertising is working for your business and maximize ROI.
How does Tryoup measure accurate ROI?

Remember that full lead/job cycle can allow accurate ROI.
If you do call tracking separate then it is impossible to integrate all other costs involved such as tech cost, operating cost, material and parts.